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32 Steps To

Make Your Child Top The Class.

(The Secret Of High Performance Students Revealed)

I know that expectant feeling, looking forward to the prize giving day in your child’s school. Your child has hinted you that he/she will be getting an award that day. You can’t wait. You are more excited that your child. He did the work but you can now share in the glory. You inform them a week before in your office that you will be absent from work that day. Though it’s just a two hour event you want to take the whole day off. After all, it’s not every day that ones child is called up to the podium to be honored as one of the smartest kids in the school. You can’t miss it for any thing in the world.

It makes all your sacrifice worth it. The huge school fees that disrupts your finances every now and then. The home works you must follow up to make sure it is done. Study time table which is an uphill task to stick to. Keeping away the distractions, the phones, tablets, TVs etc. The interference with your rest period to help explain the questions in the home work. Oh did I forget the waking up at 5 am every morning so you can wake the kids and ensure they are ready in time for school. The scream, “how many hours are you spending in the bathroom, come out and get dressed” The drill just goes on and on. Yes, this award day is well deserved. It encourages you to go on. You certainly won’t be late.

But not many parents get that psychological boost and intangible compensation that urges one to go on. In fact most don’t, even when they go through the same drill day in day out. It will be great even if it’s just once in awhile to step out with your child to be so honoured. It does not matter whether the child is in kindergarten or Senior Secondary school class or the university. It will definitely feel good. Instead, what do we have. The child is struggling even to remain in the nominal roll of the class he is supposed to be topping. The question at the end of the term is usually “how many subjects did you pass. Or how many did you fail this time around”. This should not be. It should never be allowed to continue.

The turning point which has been proven possible is the very essence of this report. Is it possible to move the child from the bottom of the class to the top of the class. Yes, this report makes it very clear it is possible.

What more can you do? As a parent I know how frustrating it can be. You are often tempted to put all the blame on your child. He has a dull brain. She is not smart. He is lazy. She does not read. He plays too much. She is always watching TV.  He takes after the other parent (not you). She is careless and carefree. Are you sure you are even my child? It gets that bad. I wish there is something I can do to turn around his/her performance. Comments, negative comments rolling out of your frustration. Putting the child under immense pressure and putting you almost in a state of panic.

The good news however, is that in answer to your question, there is something you can do. No no no, not take him to a better or more expensive school. The cost of the present one is already back breaking. No not engage home teachers either. The child needs to rest too. With the current schedule where the child comes home 4pm every day. That is not a good idea. Moreover, you don’t want the additional cost. The home teachers won’t teach for free you know. Change the child’s class? What is wrong with the current one where some students are still topping the class.

Yes you can turn the situation around but it does not have to turn you around financially. What if I tell you that what you need to do will not cost you more than what you spend any time you stop over to pick up some pastries for the family on your way home from work. Yes, just the cost of one lunch at a decent restaurant. And the future of your child will immediately start looking up. The performance turn around will begin to manifest.

Ironic isn’t it, using just one lunch money to improve on the outcome of the thousands or even millions of naira, dollar or any currency that you spend on your child’s education. That is why it is often said, that the best things in the life are free.

This Special Report is a carefully researched document on what makes the top students outperform all others, starting with a case study of Asian and American students. It reveals a process which gives very consistent result. It will make you want to apologise to the child for all the abuse and blames you have been piling on him or her. It will reset your mind about the awesome gift and abilities of your child. It will put you firmly in the driver’s seat while your child reaps the benefit, and you can take the glory. This report brings to the fore many little things you have been neglecting or taking for granted which makes a huge impact on your child’s academic performance.

Following the steps laid out in this report, completely reprogram you and your child for success, not only in academics but in life generally. It is a negligible investment compare to what you dole out to the schools every term.

It’s difficult to put a prize tag on something so transformational. $50 may be too small. No no one is asking for that. We are not even asking you to pay $20 to move your child to the top of the class. It will not be a bad investment if we do but where is the helping empathy then. Not for $20. But because we want every parent in this situation to have access to this scientifically proven report, we are spreading it out at a lunch cost of just $2 Yes, you heard me right $2  ONLY for the icing that will put your child in the top lead of the class.

Click the button below to have easy access to this report. It didn’t end there. It comes with a bonus report worth $10 on how to make your child smarter.


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