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MOTHERS. WORK. LIFE. BALANCE -25 Strategic WAYS to get it RIGHT.


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Workplace Hostility are words we must have come across at some point in our working life or career. You least expect it or plan for it, but suddenly you find yourself right at the center of it. Your career councillor never mentioned it neither did your employer’s handbook.

However, it is real and it can be very distressing. It can take the shine off that great job you have been looking forward to. It can undermine your self esteem and question your capabilities. It can be so annoying and so threatening that going to work becomes a dread.

Research indicates a prevalence of this in varying degrees in most workplaces.  A lot of people have been victims at some point in their work life. Yet, most people have absolutly no idea what to do when they find themselves in that circumstance. Some suffer silently for years and others simply overreact and destroy a promising career in the process.

This special report, WORKPLACE HOSTILITY – The Steps For Coming Out On Top is aimed at providing you with vital information on how best to deal with workplace hostility.

Is This Dependable?

Yes. This report relies heavily on expert opinion in Human Resources Management, Career Management, Legal, Sociology and Psychology. It also benefited from interviews of victims and review of some cases.

  • It clearly defines what Workplace Hostility is and what it is not.
  • It gives a futher legal definition to establish what the law says.
  • It states what constitutes a hostile work environment.
  • It provides steps an employer can take to deal with employees who create such environment.
  • It provides steps on how to deal with your co workers who create such environment around you.
  • It gives you action steps to take to stop it, resolve it or seek redress
  • It provides steps for dealing with hostile boss.

This is a document every worker must have to be prepared for that situation, which has a very high probability to occur sometime in your work life.

It is an employment and career handbook you cannot afford to ignore. It is available for download at a token of N3,500.00 or $9.7 (estimated)

Information is POWER. Be EMPOWERED to take the right action.

MOTHERS. WORK. LIFE. BALANCE -25 Strategic WAYS to get it RIGHT.


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