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Profile and image management.

Perception is one of the important keys to personal and business success. Regardless of how good the reality is, if it is not communicated properly by actions, words and posturing, the perception may be blurred, confusing or misunderstood. We have mastered the art of defining, clarifying, packaging and presenting people and products the way they want to be seen and appreciated.

Brand Development.

Brands are born, nurtured and made to take up a dominant place in our consciousness. This does not just happen, it is designed to happen. Why? Because brands are more loved and have more market value than commodities, and consequently make more money for the owners. We turn your commodities to leading brands by design and actions.

Business Innovations and Development.

Innovation is the name of the game in today’s business. Too many companies are waking up to the sudden realisation that disruptive innovation in their industry has rendered them irrelevant. So, we articulate your business development with constant scanning of the trajectories of innovations in your industry, to keep you and your business on top of the game.

Go-to-market Strategies.

How your products or services enter a market can determine your success or failure in that market. With thorough analysis of your product, the industry, the competitive environment and barriers to entry, we design and guide you to successfully enter any market and seize your share of the opportunities available. It is by strategic thinking and implementation.

Product Launch.

Many think that successful product launch must be loud and expensive. Most often wrong. By aligning the go-to-market strategies, we are able to offer a product launch event that achieves the purpose of the right buzz, to the right audience, at a fraction of the projected cost. Our launch events are designed to work with all the other strategies for sustained market penetration.

Competitive and Coopetitive Strategies.

While we recognise competitors in every market space, we also understand that there are times we can gain more advantage by cooperating with the competition. Depending on the stage of your business, decisions around this can be critical for survival. Our constant in this game is the interest we represent. We make sure you gain your place and hold on to it.

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