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1. Business Concept Validation

The entrepreneurial minded never runs out of ideas. Some sound great to hear, some look like a short cut to wealth, others sound like a sure passport to fame and fortune, like the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel.

But not all ideas or innovations can be turned into a business. While you maintain your excitement, we help you think through, to determine the business worthiness of your idea. We apply our validation checklist to confirm that the idea will create real value that people will be willing to pay for, so you can have a real sustainable business.

2. Business Ideation Program

Close to the validation process is the ideation program. Here we help you configure a simulation of what your intended business will look like to operate in the real world. Call it a distillation process which brings out the fine points of the business and the grouse sides too. This process always end with a business model you can take to the bank or an early exit that cuts down your losses.

3. Your Business and the law

Every business operates within a set environment and society with guiding rules and regulatory framework. Our legal team helps you meet all legal requirements and navigate the murky waters of the complicated ones. Nothing is taken for granted here. Everything possible is done to protect your business from internal forces and fault lines and external predators.

4. Structures for Sustainable Businesses

This is the commonest failure in small businesses. While we recognise that most businesses originate from one skilled person or a group of persons, it is important to know that structures designed to support the business into the future is the rock on which sustainable businesses are founded. Without this, you will be fighting fire instead of running a business. We help you design and put the right structures in place from the very beginning of the business.

5. Business Operations Manual

Why a manual you may ask. Because most businesses are made up repetitive processes which when performed according to laid down manual gives the same results and eliminate unpleasant surprises for the customers. The less subjective the processes that run your business the more consistent the result you will achieve. We help you develop a manual tailor made for your business.

6. Business Capital and Funding Options

With a great business idea you will definitely need funding to take off. Many great ideas never see the light of day because of lack of or inadequate funding. We guide you on the available and best funding options for your kind of business. We also supply you unending bootstrapping ideas to weather the storm.

7. Smart Growth for Small Businesses

Most businesses start well, blossom for a while; instead of growing they begin to dwindle. More businesses die from growth challenges than anything else. There is the right organic way to grow a business. One wrong step and things begin to fall apart. We specialise in the smart way to grow a business. We don’t just point out the way but we hold you by hand and walk you through your growth path.

8. Changes in the Entrepreneur’s Role in the Business

You may be the most skilled professional in your field. But when you start your entrepreneurship journey you must recognise that your role will necessarily change as the business evolves and grows. You must learn to work on your business and not in your business. Not understanding this changing roles causes many businesses to plateau with the personal limits of the entrepreneur. This should not be. We guide and prepare you for these changing roles so that you can continue to add the greatest value to your business as it grows from one level to another.

9. Workers Loyalty and High Productivity

When workers are loyal and committed they are more productive. Such workers do not exist anywhere for the picking, they are created. If your work force has the basic qualification and the right attitude for the job they are employed to do, it is your responsibility to make them loyal and as productive as can be. We give you the secret recipe for this. It never fails.

10. Marketing You, Your Business and Your Products

That is the sequence that consistently work. People buy you, they buy why you do what you do and how you do it (your business) before they buy your products. We design marketing communications with the right narratives that project you and your business so positively that your products simple sells. Everyone has a reason to and feels good buying from you.

11. Competitive and Coopetitive Strategies

Using the game theory we keep you ahead of the competition with strategies that work best in your chosen niche. Beyond that, we help promote cooperation and business alliances that give you leverage for easier success.

12. Business Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

Every business is about dealing with and relating with people within and outside the business. To lead successfully at both ends, you need a good dose of emotional intelligence. This is an exact behavioral science that engineers predetermined responses and reactions. We help you institute this as part of the culture of your business that brings out the best in everyone.

13. Succession Planning in Small Businesses

Most small businesses never outlive the founder. Sad, but that is a natural consequence of fundamental faults in the very existence of the businesses. If you do remember that you can’t work forever, it follows that you must give a thought to what happens to the business when you retire. Taking a cue from the peculiar circumstances of your life, succession in your business can be planned years before your exit. That, not only ensures that the business serves you for life, while in retirement, but remains to provide employment and leverage to the next generation.

14. Selling Your Business

Every thorough bred entrepreneur knows that one of the reasons why you set up a business is to sell it. While this may sound like a loss to some, it is proven to be the source of greatest return in many businesses. However, every business must meet certain criteria before a sell can be contemplated. These criteria is usually built into the business as essentials from the first day it opens its door to the public. Protarget helps you prepare for that future.

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