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Information is power.  Power to do what? Power to do, not to do, when to do and how to do. How  come then people ignore information, grope in the dark or still worst, take a gamble when they can have access to information that basically changes everything.

Ok I get it. We are all too busy to seek for information even when our life depends on it. Just get going. Even when we are not too sure about where we are going. Please don’t waste any time. Sound familiar right? Almost like putting logic on its head. Logically one would expect an average rational person to first invest time and other resources to gathering and processing all available information about anything we want to do. But no, we don’t have to do that. We dont have time.

The outcome? Stumbling along. Next you hear the motivational talk about falling and standing up, about persevering, never giving up, about virtues of hard work, then the quote about Einstein and his light bulb joins the foray. No one takes stalk of the cost in time, energy and money. Just like the story of the man who spends days to knock down a door only to find the keys under the foot mat right in front of the door when he was clearing the debris of the destruction. Are you not guilty?

Imagine how your life would have turned out if you had all the right information for every action you ever took. While you are still imagining, ask yourself, are you investing enough in information as a necessary leverage for every single action in life. The answer is probably a resounding NO. WHY? It’s a mindset. We have more time to waste than to seek for information.

Trust me, it will be a different life with completely different narrative if we were to change that mindset. It will be a release from shackles and a new dawn of strategic actions with mostly predictable outcome. No, we will rather indulge in adventure in the dark while hoping for the best.

The first line of response to every problem should be seeking for relevant information, carefully processing same and applying it how and where appropriate.

Let us learn to stop and ask, do we have enough information to act?

Protarget Solution will help you with the answer.


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